Orchard Canyon on Oak Creek

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Sedona Wedding at Orchard Canyon on Oak Creek formerly Garland’s Lodge

If you take 89a north of Sedona you will find what we feel is the most beautiful area of all Arizona … Oak Creek Canyon. The beginning of the canyon starts with red rocks and as you head north there is a climb in elevation. The road becomes enveloped by the canyon walls and it can drop 10 degrees in temperature. Just a short 10-15 minute drive north of Sedona and you’ll find yourself in a lush green environment. Orchard Canyon is tucked away at the heart of Oak Creek Canyon.

A low lying concrete bridge usually overflowing with a bit of creek water greets you as you drive into the property and suddenly you a different world. It’s a beautiful location lush with trees and the air is filled with the sounds of the babbling of Oak Creek. Historic Orchard Canyon is a wonderful bed and breakfast with 16 cozy cabins and open to the public for dinners.

There are many places on the property making it a perfect outdoor Sedona wedding venue … the apple orchard is gorgeous and the lawn framed by the sweeping mountainside of Oak Creek is beautiful as well.

Sedona Bride insider wedding tip

Orchard Canyon is a popular location to unplug and is often booked out by regulars. They only offer wedding dates on Sundays as that is the only day of the week Orchard Canyon is closed to the public. It’s ideal for couples that love the outdoors and are planning a smaller wedding with less than 80 guests.

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