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Sedona winter wedding Merry Christmas 2016

Can you believe it’s the end of 2016! The year has FLOWN by and we are so grateful for all the wonderful couples and Sedona wedding vendors we’ve been able to work with throughout the year! We’re hoping to take some time this winter to catch up on the many many beautiful Sedona weddings and intimate Sedona elopements that we weren’t able to blog in 2016. Almost all of our clients have requested a Facebook highlight, so definitely drop by our Sedona Bride Photographers Facebook page to see highlights from so many amazing Sedona weddings, and even Sedona winter weddings, from 2016!

In the meantime, here’s a photo of super sweet Katelyn and Darrin – we are so lucky to have such amazing couples – on their Sedona winter wedding day.  We found some fun ornaments hanging in the lobby of the Sedona Hilton in the Village of Oak Creek and made a quick portrait of them before they headed of to their Sedona winter wedding at Sedona Golf Resort. If you are interested in what a  Sedona Golf Resort wedding looks like, be sure to go to our venues page and see our Sedona Golf Resort wedding gallery.

We hope you all are having a wonderful winter holiday and that you had the most amazing Christmas and Hanukkah!

Sedona winter wedding

Some Tips for a Perfect Sedona Winter Wedding:


You will find more vendors available during the winter months making it easier to have a weekend wedding.


The sun rides lower in the sky and makes for beautiful light for much longer during the day compared to summer months where the sun rides high in the sky making harsher light. For photography that means more beautiful natural light for pictures.


While it is more likely for there to be weather in the winter months it is still Arizona and a more desert like climate. We get a lot of sun in Arizona! It’s usually sunny and much more beautiful in Arizona during the winter than in other states. You are much more likely to have a beautiful outdoor wedding in Arizona during the winter months than most of the United States. While much of the northern parts of the US are covered in snow, Arizona is often very sunny. If you are lucky enough for it to snow on your wedding day, it only lasts for a day or two and it’s completely magical!

Take it Easy

Here’s a small side note about having a Sedona winter wedding; Winter in Sedona is a slower time of year for weddings, and it can be absolutely beautiful and romantic!

Cover Up

One last tip for planning a winter wedding: Find a pretty winter bolero, shrug, cardigan, pashmina, or shawl to go with your dress! A faux fur coat can be really beautiful, and if it does end up being an especially cooler Sedona winter wedding day, there is all the more reason to snuggle!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us! We love to chat about weddings and are happy to connect you with amazing Sedona wedding vendors. As always, we are honored to be considered to be your Sedona wedding photographers, and look forward to connecting with you about your Sedona wedding!

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