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Best Elopement Locations in Sedona

Best elopement locations in Sedona! 

Planning a Sedona wedding or engagement session in Sedona and not sure where to have your photos taken? Below is our list of the best elopement locations in Sedona. This is our guide to easy access locations which makes it easy for older guests to attend or even just great locations for those of you that are wanting a beautiful backdrop for your wedding or engagement session but don’t want to hike in your dress.

Bell Rock

Bell Rock is by far the most popular choice by couples. It’s a short 5 – 10 minute walk off the parking lot to gorgeous 360 degree red rock vista views. There are several access points to Bell Rock with different red rock views. Locals tip … the parking lot here can fill up quickly. As with all elopements, we recommend a weekday time to plan your wedding or wedding photography shoot.

Bride holds her grooms hand with the red rock vista in the backdrop at Bell Rock

Sedona elopement location Bell Rock

Bell Rock Sedona Elopement location


Bell Rock Sedona Wedding Elopement Photo


Sedona elopement at Bell Rock group photo of the family

A wedding photo of a dad walking his daughter towards a wedding ceremony location on Bell Rock

Sedona elopement at Bell Rock

See more Sedona wedding photos and engagement photos at Bell Rock at our website here. 

Cathedral Rock

The north side of Cathedral Rock is another beautiful location. While the top of Cathedral is now Instagram famous and very popular with hikers it’s quite a serious hike to get to the top of Cathedral.

The base of Cathedra has beautiful views as well and only requires about a 15-20 minute hike on a fairly easy trail. This spot has become very difficult to access because of the limited parking and the large number of tourists trying to hike Cathedral Rock for amazing sunset views.

We highly recommend transportation for drop off and pick up … the good thing is once you are there it’s a pretty wide open space on the base of Cathedral and most tourists are working their way up to the top of Cathedral. We can guide you to quieter spots, away from tourists, where you can have a more private ceremony with beautiful views. 

Sedona elopement ceremony location at Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock elopement photo

Cathedral Rock Sedona elopement location wedding photography


wedding photos at Cathedral Rock

Sedona elopement at Cathedral Rock

Red Rock Crossing

For couples wanting that iconic Cathedral Rock formation and the lush green of Oak Creek, Red Rock Crossing provides the perfect location. It’s a state park so you will need to talk with your officiant or wedding planner or directly with the park to reserve a time slot for weddings there. There is a paved sidewalk close to the parking lot which makes it very easy for couples and guests to attend small intimate weddings at Red Rock Crossing. For those of you planning a true elopement, there are more private little spots we can guide you to. Red Rock Crossing is also known at Crescent Moon Ranch.


Locals tip … there is plenty of parking at this location but weekends are very busy. Weekdays are best to avoid the crowds. This spot really beautiful which is why it’s one of the best elopement locations in Sedona. 

Sedona engagement session

As with most locations there are several entry points and because of the large area it encompasses there are several locations for wedding ceremonies and romantic portraits. Let us know if you have questions and we can help guide you to the best location for your wedding ceremony or portrait session. 

Couple raises their hands with excitement during their Red Rock Crossing Sedona wedding

See more photos from weddings at Red Rock Crossing on our Sedona elopement locations page. 


Bottom of Schnebly Hill / Munds Wagon Trail

This outdoor location has 360 degree views and is centrally located making it an elopement location in Sedona. We even take couples who have larger weddings at near by resorts to this location for their wedding photos on the red rocks because it’s so easy to get to and really beautiful.

There is usually plenty of parking and different levels of access to several locations ideal for small elopements. From a very easy flat walk to a little bit of uneven walking out on the rocks this location has a few options for spots with a variety of red rock backdrops.

Sedona wedding elopement at L'Auberge

Sedona wedding photo of a couple holding each other at the bottom of Schnebly Hill

Groom in a grey suite wraps his arms around his bride with the red rocks of Oak Creek in the backdrop

A bride and groom kiss while their kids smile during their elopement in Sedona

Bride and groom standing on a red rock ledge for their wedding photos at Schnebly Hill

A couple sits on red rocks with uptown Sedona as a backdrop for their wedding photos


There are many other stunning outdoor red rock spots at resorts like L’Auberge and Orchard Canyon. And if you are up for an adventure via a longer hike or a Jeep tour, locations like Merry Go Round, Broken Arrow, and the top of Cathedral Rock are also really beautiful and would easily make our list for the best elopement locations in Sedona. Let us know and we’d be happy to guide you to the best location for amazing wedding photos out on the red rocks.

More difficult to access locations – Sedona Adventure Elopements

Below are a few locations we’d recommend for Adventure Elopements. Just because a location is more difficult to get to doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be a quiet spot. The saddle of Cathedral Rock is easily one of the post popular Adventure Elopement and portrait session locations in Sedona. It must be on a list for the best places to view sunset in Sedona. 

Cathedral Rock Elopement photography in Sedona

Cathedral Rock elopement in Sedona

Cathedral Rock wedding in Sedona

Another popular location with much less crowds is Merry Go Round Rock … it requires a jeep rental and 1 hour jeep ride up a very bumpy dirt road to amazing red rock vista views. The cliff sides and vistas make this one of the most shared iconic Sedona elopement locations on the web. 

Champagne pop during an elopement in Sedona at Merry Go Round rock

Sedona elopement at Merry Go Round Rock


Merry Go Round Rock elopement location in Sedona

Merry Go Round wedding photo

There are other locations we’d be happy to review with you. Many locations we like to keep off the web in an attempt to keep the locations quieter. If you are up for a short or long hike to get to amazing locations, inquire about our Adventure Elopements. We’d love to share our favorites with you for your Sedona elopement! 

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