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We're Katrina and Andrew and we make up the team at Sedona Bride. We're not your average wedding photographers ... we've spent the last 15 years photographing amazing weddings with one goal in mind, to photograph it like it were our own. We join in the exciting wedding journey with couples that want to remember the laughs, the tears, the unexpected moments that make a wedding and life unique. We believe life is an adventure and full of spontaneous moments that are meant to be cherished and shared. 

Our Story

Our first date involved Katrina taking photos of Andrew on her parents old film camera. 20 years later and we find ourselves married with two amazing kids and still in love (fully knowning how hard marriage can be) and still carrying around cameras. It goes by in a flash, yet through the years a common thread runs through it all ... the yearning to remember what's meaningful, authentic, and true; the things that make our hearts filled with joy. 

For us emotion-filled photography is what sparks with what once is in our hearts. Images that are not simply pretty, but drip with honesty and make us feel something deep and true.  We've spent the last 15 years photographing over 500 weddings, working hard to capture your wild yet quiet, messy yet beautiful, and  adventurous yet homebody,  uniquely you, kind of love! 

Fun Facts About Us

• Andrew speaks fluent Spanish and Katrina speaks Japanese
• Andrew is a vegan and Katrina loves tacos
• Andrew loves to run and Katrina hates running 
• Andrew loves reading and history and Katrina loves movies
• Our dog loves Andrew best and our cat loves Katrina best
• Our kids love us both the same (so they say) but their fave is their daddy
• We both love to travel 
• Andrew shoots Nikon and Katrina shoots Canon 
• Yes we might both be trying to get the best "shot" of the day on a wedding or in our living room with the kids 
• Andrew loves routine and Katrina loves being spontaneous 

Our Philosophy Your wedding day should't be a photo shoot filled with posed photos and orchestrated "moments" ... it's YOUR day to celebrate with the love of your life surrounded by everyone you love. We are there to document your day in YOUR unique way encouraging you to go beyond the standard wedding poses and to capture the essence of your unique personalities by simply being you.
The Experience Supported, cared for, encouraged, loved ... we make you feel like you are spending the day with a best friend and create a space of trust and ease so you feel comfortable in front of the camera and truly be yourselves. Your personalities shine through and most importantly you are enabled to enjoy one of the most important days of your lives being uniquely you.

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