Frequently Asked Questions

What is your photographic style?

Moment-based storytelling photography. Capturing images that makes you feel. We spend most of the day as documentary photographers, capturing your day as it unfolds. Great wedding photography coverage is 90% documentary and 10% details and portraits. It’s important to find a balanced photographer who can do both well. In our portfolio you won’t see many portraits and details … although we do love to capture pretty details and family portraits… we focus on our documentary images because we want you to see what wedding blogs, many wedding photographers and wedding magazines seem to miss … MOMENTS. Just ask someone who’s been married for longer 10 years what their favorite photos are from their wedding … in the end what is always most meaningful and important to a couple is not the pictures of the flowers and decor on a table but the people that surround the table. And taking it one step further is not just what the people looked like but what they looked liked as they cheered you on during your first dance, or the tear shed by a best friend during a ceremony, or that look that a dad always gives his daughter on her wedding day… those are moments. Wedding photography that tells a story of not just what your wedding day looked like but what it felt like. Even during our portraits of the bride and groom together we love the images to reflect who they are through moments.

You are a husband and wife team? How do you not strangle each other?

Yes. We’ve been asked that question! And, it’s a good one to ask, lol.. Working with each other is just like marriage … most of the time it’s wonderful and such a blessing, and other times it takes extra work. But in the end it truly benefits our clients, and us! The couples we work with get two accomplished photographers that can read each other and readily know what the other is thinking, which translates to getting more moments and beautiful images. And, we get the opportunity to be inspired by the love our clients share. Be sure to drop by our ABOUT US PAGE to find out more about Katrina and Andrew.

How much will we be investing investing in our photography?

Every wedding is different and we’d be happy to create a custom package for you based on your specific needs. Our wedding photography packages start at $3500, and our off-season, single photographer hourly rates, start at $500 per hour. Our most popular full coverage collection is $4400.

We’d love to work with you! How do we reserve the date?

Please contact us so we can see if we are available for your date. We often commission out six months to a year in advance, and take a limited number of weddings per year. Photography is typically the first or second vendor couples will hire, so for popular wedding dates or times of year it’s a good idea to retain your photographer as soon as your date is set, or even base your date on the availability of your favorite vendors. Once you are ready to hold your date, we simply require a retainer, and then the final package can be decided upon at a later time.

Do you photograph weddings in Phoenix or Scottsdale?

We consider weddings in Scottsdale and Phoenix and Flagstaff local. We live very centrally and work often photographing weddings across Arizona. We have a sister company that we specifically created to share our Phoenix and Scottsdale weddings on … feel free to visit the KATRINA WALLACE PHOTOGRAPHERS website.

Do you work with an assistant, or second photographer?

Katrina and Andrew mostly shoot weddings together, guaranteeing couples two primary shooters on their wedding day, and not just a main shooter and an assistant. Oftentimes, couples are told there will be two photographers when one is really an assistant or photographer-in-training. Our clients love that by having two dedicated primary shooters they are able to get the the expected images as well as the more creative images the other photographer can capture by taking greater risks for more interesting angles or special concepts, while the other captures the safer images. We are a husband and wife boutique studio. We have shot 100’s of weddings together. We have a synergy while working together that allows us to anticipate the needs of each other and provide a high level of great images.

A few times a year we accept smaller weddings that require a single photographer and one of us will already be booked for the date. When that happens we make sure to work with another excellent primary shooter whom we trust to shoot with us on the larger wedding.

Do you travel?

We have photographed weddings from California to Florida, Canada to Mexico, Japan, and Spain. Arizona is the state where we are based, and we are happy to take a limited number of destination weddings a year.

We want to have our wedding in Sedona but don’t know where. Do you have any suggestions?

It all depends on if you are eloping or having a larger wedding and if you are planning an outdoor wedding on the red rocks or wanting a a ceremony at a resort. There a many different options. We recommend looking at our VENUES PAGE to get an idea of different wedding locations we’ve photographed in Sedona and Northern Arizona. We can also put you in contact with a planner who can further assist you by taking into account all the variables that go into selecting the perfect venue for your wedding in Sedona.

What time should I plan my ceremony for the best light for pictures?

Sunset and wedding location are the main variables that play into a creating a timeline. We are happy to help our clients outline the best general timeline for the day with regards to photography. Sedona weddings can be tricky because it’s such a mountainous area and the lighting changes throughout the year. Having photographed 100’s of weddings in Sedona, we understand how light works at various wedding locations, at different times of the year, and can make the best guestimate regarding a timeline that will ensure the best possible light for your pictures.

Do you retouch images?

All our images are individually handled with general adjustments to color, saturation, highlight recovery, and contrast. Further artistic enhancements are applied to images online, in albums, and on those images when needed. Skin softening or retouching blemishes is done at that time.

When will we see our images?

Being photojournalists, it’s not uncommon for us to shoot about 10,000 images between the two shooters on a wedding day. At this time we do not outsource our editing … the selection of images is very important to us and something we do not take lightly or give to someone not as trained as we are or have the experiences we had with our clients on the wedding day to know which images to select. Our customized postproduction process takes about 8 weeks give or take a few weeks depending on what season the wedding takes place in.

How many images do you take at a typical wedding?

A lot! While we shoot about 10,000 images on a wedding day, we want you to only have the best of the best. We take out any blinking, awkward expressions, and use our professional judgement on which images tell the best story with the best composition and lighting. Generally, we delivery about 800-900 images. About 80-100 images per hour.

Do you have back up equipment? What if you are sick?

We both shoot with two cameras each so that we can have quick access to the best lens choice for a given moment, and we always have backup gear. We have yet to miss a wedding because of illness, but in case of an emergency we have an amazing network of photographers whose work we admire (we’re pretty picky about photography) that can back us up.

Do you only photograph larger weddings…? We are eloping and would still love great photography but have a smaller time frame needed for photography.

We love to photograph elopements and intimate weddings. We actually photograph quite a lot of them as it’s very common for couples to elope to Sedona. We’ve even photographed a handful of proposals. Our hourly rates start at $500 per hour of shooting. Most of our clients are drawn to our story-telling style of photography and commission us for several hours so they can share their full wedding day story of their intimate Sedona wedding with family and friends. Please contact us and we’d be happy to chat with you about your wedding plans. Please also view our SEDONA WEDDING LOCATIONS page for ideas on where to have your elopement.

How do we know you are the best match for us?

If our images made you feel and evoked a connection within you, our style of photography is what you are looking for. We are very different from other photographers in that we are moment-based photographers. We capture images that tell the story of a wedding day…. not just what a wedding day looked like, but what it felt like.

We will send you several weddings with highlights that tell the story of a wedding day through 80+ images… seeing several full wedding stories will help you to know if you truly connect with our style of photography.

You can also ask the vendors you are interviewing or already working with about us… we are highly referred and have a great reputation amongst wedding planners, makeup artists, florists etc.

We also have a long list of very happy couples where you can read their own REVIEWS about their experience with us.


“Real emotions, real moments; they cannot be manufactured. They cannot be encouraged or staged. They happen because life happens. That’s why we’re at your wedding.”
– XoXo, Katrina + Andrew

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