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Sedona Wedding Photographer Happy New Year 2017

This wedding photographer studio wants to wish you a Happy New Year, 2017! We hope it’s a fantastic year for you, where all your plans come together for the perfect Sedona, or wherever you are getting married, wedding!

We love how this gorgeous couple was married at the gorgeous L’Auberge de Sedona, located in the heart of Sedona along Oak Creek. It’s easy to get to, and offers several serene ceremony sites for year-around wedding bliss in the picturesque landscape that is Sedona!

The day started out cool and cloudy, and who could have guessed that it would start to snow ( instead of rain!!) incredibly large and fluffy snowflakes just before the couple’s first meeting?! It really was not even very cold. It was cold enough that the snow stayed for most of the rest of the day, enough for our santorini wedding photographer to capture the most picturesque shots.

After the ceremony, we went out to get some red rock pictures in the surrounding area. It was a perfect opportunity to see the newly fallen snow on the rocks. Very simply, there is just no place as breath-taking and scenic as Sedona after a snowfall!

Sedona Arizona Winter Wedding Photographer 2017 - Arizona Wedding Photography

Outdoor Wedding Photographer

As a side note, we want to draw attention to the true blessing it is to be able to do most things outdoors for Sedona weddings. Almost any time of the year you can have your first meeting, ceremony, cocktail hour, romantic portraits, and reception, entirely outdoors! July and August can prove to be a little warm for that, and conversely, December and January can be a little cold, but for the most part sunshine reigns most of the year here!

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